Satirical Analysis

My satirical article is humorous because of the placement of a familiar event in an extreme situation. In my experience, the worst outcome of misunderstanding lyrics is verbal taunts from friends and family. The President spends most of his time in the spotlight, with every speech heavily documented and analyzed. I wondered what would happen if someone of such a high profile could make similar, everyday mistakes. The karaoke machine, controlling wife, and defense of the toys make this seemingly distant figure suddenly more human, in a humorous way.

The deeper criticisms of my article are the fragility of international relations, and homophobia. In a time where war is always on the horizon, it seems like the simplest of errors has the potential to result in a clash of cultures. In my article, something as harmless as an incorrect lyric offended someone enough to pursue war. As for homophobia, the villain is the one who has no tolerance, and he responds in childish ways. The petty name-calling is unexpected from such a high-ranking official, resulting in a funny misconception of character. Additionally, the thought of Putin fearing arrest under his own law is quite humorous. Though my article covers many topics, the final line returns the reader to the initial joke, reinforcing the idea that the President’s inability to enjoy his karaoke machine was the cause for the fallout.

The most challenging part of writing this article has been the title. The title was the first thing that I came up with, and it spurred the rest of my article. Because of this sequence, I am afraid that the article depends on the title’s introduction, so I am hesitant to change it. I think it is funny in its absurdity, and it prepares the reader for the mindset of the piece, but I feel that the article has the potential for a much funnier title.



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